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As history goes, the 3 wheeler made it's formal debut in 1970 thanks to the engineers at Honda. The original concept arose from the need to travel over rough and sloppy terrain, sometimes too dangerous for an off-road motorcycle. Hence, the three wheel design for added stability and traction.

hot 3 wheelerThese primitive 3 wheelers looked nothing like the popular models we all remember, well, that is, with the exception of the number of wheels. The popularity of the 3 wheeler exploded in the 1980's with other big manufacturers joining the 3 wheel race.

However it was Honda that led the pack (which in turn was led by the 250R), right until the very end of the 3 wheeler era in late 1986. To this day, 3 wheeler parts are still sought after thanks to the many restorations that have taken place throughout the years.

When searching for parts and accessories for any 3 wheeler, the old recommendation would be to go to your local Honda dealer because many parts are still available over the counter. This requires travel and sometimes paying a little more. (Check for OEM Parts)

Times have changed however, and whether you own a Honda 3 wheeler, Kawasaki 3 wheeler, Suzuki 3 wheeler, or Yamaha 3 wheeler, today's search for parts can be done from home.

Sometimes you can find used parts up for sale and in some case it may be neceassary to install used parts on your vintage trike.

Another benefit from buying your 3 wheeler parts online is that you can also save on sales tax in regard to larger items when taxes exceed shipping costs.

Some out of production items or even complete 3 wheelers for parts can be located on eBay (Check with eBay). You'll also find many used parts, genuine parts, vintage 3 wheeler magazines, and all kinds of interesting accessories. It is just a great venue to cruise, since the listings change continually. 3 wheeler parts come and go almost constantly there.

They also feature a newer service that may just put your local classifieds out of business. It is a free classified service that only shows the ad within a certain radius of your home zip code. The exposure is great and there is no listing fee with these ads. if you're a perspective buyer, you can log in and sign up for an email notification when something you desire gets posted in your area.

I have added a few select choices below for those who want new parts delivered. The big manufacturers still support the old 3 wheelers with many of the OEM parts so it is always a good idea to look at the fiche and see what is still available.

Checking the box below will enable the website to open in a new window (you may need to know this if you've got some type of pop-up blocker enabled). Some people prefer to open new tabs or windows for price comparison purposes. I think it is easier, but it is entirely up to you.

Prefer to view the following suppliers in a new tab or window? Just Check here >
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The Cheapest 3 Wheeler Parts

cheapest 3 wheeler partsBrowse eBay for the cheapest 3 wheeler parts. There are always plenty of 3 wheeler items up for auction... the cheapest 3 wheeler parts, accessories, servcie manuals, 3 wheeler magazines, and more.

Registration is free and easy. I have personally seen frames, swingarms, gasket kits, bearing and seal kits, aftermarket decals, used carbs, stock rims, handlebars, and tons of other parts.

There are usually plenty of restored and unrestored 3 wheelers up for grabs, you may get lucky and find one in your area. Many parts are available for vintage Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha 3 wheelers.

To take full advantage of their system, you'll need to check the listings daily or sign up for the email notifications since the listings continually change.

View the current listings: Check The Website

Genuine 3 Wheeler Parts

genuine 3 wheeler partsGenuine 3 Wheeler Parts Select factory OEM 3 wheeler parts for basic repair or major overhaul from most of the major manufacturers including parts for Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha 3 wheelers.

Their print catalog and online presence make them one of the more familiar names in the powersports industry whether you ride a 3 wheeler or a vintage four wheeler.

Check the appropriate 3 wheeler fiche for your specific model to view the availability of original parts. Select parts from factory diagrams similar to those used by the parts counter at your local dealer.

Check the Website: Honda | Kawasaki | Yamaha

OEM 3 Wheeler Parts

OEM 3 wheeler partsHave your OEM 3 wheeler parts dropped off at your front door. 3 wheeler parts have been available from Cycle-Parts to help trikes get back on the trail since 1995.

The website allows for easy, convenient, one-stop parts shopping for all of your 3 wheeler parts. They feature the easy-to-navigate OEM parts finder for original equipment manufacturer parts.

They also provide fast shipping and delivery options available to meet your needs, including destinations worldwide. Check near the top of their website for coupon codes since they run specials from time to time.

View the 3 wheeler diagrams: Check The Website

Aftermarket Parts

aftermarket 3 wheeler partsAftermarket 3 Wheeler Super Store They feature a decent selection aftermarket 3 wheeler parts along with some random genuine parts from various sellers.

They list parts and accessories for your Honda ATC250R like exhaust systems and silencers, brake pads, covers, aftermarket 3 wheeler plastics, ramps, carb kits, and more.

Their shop is a fan favorite among 3 and 4 wheeler enthusiasts based on the pricing structure. You may find some OEM 3 wheeler parts alongside the aftermarket parts and the ride gear.

This is called the world's marketplace thanks to low overhead costs and the competitive nature of the game among the sellers.

View the aftermarket products: Check The Website

As a footnote, the 3 wheel all terrain cycle has ridden into the sunset from a manufacturers point of view, however, these off-road vehicles still have a quite a cult following. This is thanks to the availability of spare parts, some directly from the manufacturers, some aftermarket reproductions, and some used parts.

Arguably, Honda was the leader of the pack regarding 3 wheelers, Honda posted an official 3 wheeler timeline for their models. It is the official, fact filled history of Honda 3 wheelers and it is pretty interesting if I do say so myself. Another cool website for the 3 wheeler enthusiasts is Off-Road Vintage, they have some great old brochures, photos, and plenty of info from the era when 3 wheeled ATC's ruled the roost.

The most frequently purchased parts include brake cables and calipers, rims, clutch plates, seat covers, springs, gasket kits, and various engine and transmission parts. I have also listed some other ATC parts here. Some of the suppliers are the same as here, but it may be worth a look anyway. Keep on Ridin'...

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