250R Message Boards

Use the message boards here to contact fellow 250R owners in your search for parts, accessories, tech info, or just to chat. It's also a great place to post your ATC250R for sale or simply a want ad, a comment, or any other Honda 250R related chatter.

We have recently updated this system to the Discus platform as well as other comment and message post psoftware. The legacy message boards are still posted here if you feel the need to browse the old postings. They are no longer active however.

Our new forum requires registration but this system is popular, somewhat secure, and used on many websites. Once you've got your account, you can post 250R comments, questions, and photos.

Use the message forum as often and as much as you like... If you've got questions, answers, advice, or any battle stories, you are welcome to post them up here. As for the new name... 3'um seems far more appropriate than 4'um! haha


The New ATC 250R Forum

It's just starting to take off, Visit the 250R 3'um >>

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