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Add Your trike photo here... Email us your photo in .jpg or .gif format, pictures must be no larger than 2mb in size. We're looking for miscellaneous off-road trikes from days gone by.

We're looking for Yamaha, Suzuki, and Kawasaki trikes as well as various models of classic Honda trikes. Some examples are the Tecate, the Tri-Z 250, and the 350X. We'll add all received photos on our next update. Click any thumbnail to enlarge it.

Please allow a few days for pics to be added as I still update the gallery by hand.

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  • ATC85R
  • 84 Cagiva three wheeler
    84 cagiva
  • Jasons three wheeler collection
  • Husky Trike Husqvarna
    Husqvarna Trike
  • 250SX Trike
    250SX Trike
  • Honda ATC Trike
    Honda ATC
  • 1984 ATC185 with custom Corbin seat
    1984 ATC185
  • Vince with 1985 ATC 250SX and 125M
    250SX and 125M
  • Vince 200S wheelie
    200S Wheelie
  • white Tecate
    Kawasaki Tecate
  • White Tecate Trike
    White Tecate
  • Honda ATC 200S
    Honda ATC 200S
  • Vince's Race ATC
    Vince's Race ATC
  • 1983 Honda ATC 200
    1983 ATC 200
  • Honda trikes
    Honda trikes
  • 1987 Honda ATC 200X
    1987 ATC 200X
  • 1986 Honda 200X
    1986 200X
  • Chads 1985 200X
    Chad's '85 200X
  • Chads 1985 200X engine
    Chads '85 200X
  • Black Yamaha Tri-Z
    Yamaha Tri-Z
the 250R rocket machine

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