Troubleshooting the ATC250R

Honda 250R with electrical problemsThe Honda ATC250R was in production from 1981 to 1986. These ever-popular all terrain cycles are legends in the industry.

Decades after their production halted, they still grace the hills, trails, tracks, and dunes of the world. Here we will attempt to explorer essential trouleshooting tips and information for the 250R. Much of this info pertains to other Honda ATC's as well.

Troubleshooting is defined as finding, tracing, and correcting faults in an electronic circuit or mechanical system. The ATC250R is a straightforward, yet somewhat complex all terrain cycle. Knowing the basics of operation can save you some headaches down the road as many electrical troubles or fuel delivery problems are simple to diagnose and repair.

If there were only one piece of troubleshooting advice that could be listed, it would be to start off small and simple. Check the basics first before proceeding into complicated territory.

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The Electrical System

The electrical system of the ATC250R tends to be simple if you understand ignition systems, if you don't you may find yourself scratching your head or overthinking the problem.

Knowledge of basic electrical circuits is a plus. The ability to use a multimeter to test for ohms (resistance), volts (voltage), and amps (current flow) is a necessary troubleshooting skill. Believe it or not, you can still use a multimeter effectively even if you are not a licensed electrician. All it takes is a little bit of training.

For example, the ignition coil, a typical area of concern, is easily tested with an ohmeter. Same goes for headlights and tailights, a simple ohms test will verify the state of the component.

A spark plug wire can also be tested by a simple ohms test and so can your tether and kill switches. The use of the appropriate 250R schematic is a always a help, but it many cases it isn't even required if you can perform a resistence check with any digital or analog ohmeter.

The Fuel Delivery

The fuel delivery system of the ATC250R is another somewhat simple system if you understand carburetion and basic two stroke engine operation.

Many fuel related problems are often overthought. The solution, more often than not, is something as simple as a clogged fuel filter or a dirty carb just crying for a cleaning.

Stay tuned as this area is expanded to include troubleshooting guides and specific information. We are in the process of expanding this section of the website. We will elaborate on the three biggest issues detromental to your Honda ATC: the engine won't start, the engine won't stay running, or the engine doesn't perform properly.

We have already posted some reading on Carburetor Basics as well as the wiring diagrams for all models.

Also I have listed some 250R parts here. These are some of the popular suppliers with genuine parts, rebuild kits, and miscellaneous products to help with your troubleshooting and repair.

And use the buttons below to share the glory of the legendary 250R... Keep on Ridin'...