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Welcome to, a fan site of the now infamous all terrain cycle manufactured by Honda in the 1980's.

The Honda ATC250R Three Wheeler was in production from 1981-1986. Unfortunately, the 1987 ATC250R never materialized but it was pictured briefly on certain Honda brochures.

the Honda ATC250R trikeThe original muscle trike evolved by combining Honda's slow-poke ATC's with a CR250 engine back in 1981. After that, the world witnessed three (3) awesome generations of two-stroke three wheelers.

As a tribute to this classic Honda trike, I've assembled some photos, links, parts info, and even classified ads for fans of the ultimate all terrain cycle. It's 2 stroke motor still brings excitement 26 years after Honda ceased production.

If you are into the historic factor, you can check out the a more detailed history here.

Recent Updates

Recent updates include a few more pictures of the elusive 1981 ATC 250R that were submitted into the photo gallery as well as some great pics of a 1986 250R out of New Hampshire.

Also working on a page dedicated to Ricks 250R Restoration Project, you can witness the progress of the restoration and post comments or questions. I've also revived the 250R message board under a new format, each post must be approved manually.

I have had too many problems with junk being posted in the past, we'll see how this new format works out. There's nothing worse than having to sift through nonsense not related to off road ATC's. You can also check out some other sources for 3 wheeler parts

I also fixed up a few problems on Rick's restoration page as well. I also added a basic electrical troubleshooting page with 250R wiring schematics.

Oh yeah... thanks for the recent pics... I hope to add them asap along with a better ATC classified ad system.... Please make it a point to give us a like on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, or Tumbler using the buttons below.



We have listed out some part suppliers here. They are not listed in any particular order, nor is any one supplier preferred over any other.

250R three wheelerOur list consists of a mix of OEM providers as well as the stores focusing on the aftermarket bolt-on products.

When it comes to genuine, original parts, Honda continues to support much of the 250R, but has begun to discontinue some of the items as they run out of stock. In the event of obsolete items, used parts become the primary option and eBay is usually a great place to turn for these.

Aftermarket bolt-on exhausts, carbs, plastics, wheels, brakes, and other common replacement parts are widely available for the models dating all the way back to 1981. I see no reason why this would change any time soons since these vintage three wheelers make great restoration candidates for off-road enthusiasts.

Search for 250R Parts


You can also check out the three wheeler photos, (of course we're always looking for more 250R photos to add the the gallery). The gallery goes nowhere without contribuions from fellow trike owners so please send in your pictures.

We also started a miscellaneous trikes page in case you've got pics of something other than a 250R to submit. Honda wasn't the only manufacturer rolling out two-stroke trikes, Kawasaki and Yamaha had their day as well.

Of course these off-road trikes could never achieve the same level of success as Honda, but they are interesting artifacts and they make great restoration projects as well.

When it really came down to it, there was no other all terrain cycle quite like the 250R, the look, the ride, the feel, and the excitement. Hey, who said it wasn't stable?

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Check out the 3 wheeler (ATC) classifieds where you can place ads for sale items, trades, or want ads. This section is new, so let's fill it up with some 250R ads, it's completely free of charge and a service to fellow fans of the ATC 250R.

There are categories for complete trikes, parts, and also want ads.

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